Sarah Sheppeck
Sarah Sheppeck


Hi, I’m Sarah; “Epic Sheppeck” if you’re one of my former students, “Shep” if you’re feeling frisky. I was born and raised in the Capital Region of upstate New York, but briefly defected to the southwest to stow a couple of master’s degrees under my belt (see my “Experience” page for a full list of my bragging rights). In June 2019, my four pets and I moved to Maine, where we live in the woods with a groundskeeper who is honestly named Merlin.

While I do write original projects, I pay the bills by ghostwriting. No, I can’t tell you who I’ve worked for—I take my NDAs very seriously—but my clients range from Hollywood actors to rideshare drivers.

I pride myself on my ability to capture the voice of any client, as well as to work efficiently within the confines of a deadline. I even offer editing services and query letter consultations for those who are a little farther along in their writing goals—check out my client testimonials to read reviews from the brave souls who were willing to let me use their names.

You know, you always did mean to write that book. Let me help.

Photo by  Amy Kyle

Photo by Amy Kyle




palm desert low-residency mfa

Graduated June 2018


university of nevada, las vegas

Graduated May 2015



Graduated May 2013


- founded, directed, and crafted the curriculum for the mojave high school theatre department, north las vegas, nv, from 2014-2016.

- edited a nyt bestseller, which was released in the summer of 2018.

- produced the first run of elton lee roth & the soul sisters of love, an original musical by nur nur cummings, in winter 2018.

- dig, an original short story, was featured in the coachella review’s blog in july 2019.


Phone: 518 888 1793
AdDRESS: P.O. BOX 567426, Blaine ME 04734




… But it hasn’t been yet, so stay tuned for news on this, as well as for more exciting updates!


“I read the pages. . . It was like I was talking to myself.”

- “Patient” Lee Tomlinson, Keynote Speaker

“I want to work with Sarah every Tuesday until I die.”

- Lisa Richards, Actress

“A truly genius writer! The way she captures and emulates voice is truly awe-inspiring. I hold her opinion on my work in incredibly high esteem.”

- Darienne Jordan, Screenwriter & Poet

“[Sarah’s work] is like reading my diary but well-written. Highly recommend.”

- Lucia Laguna, Social Worker




on moving, the process of which is the fifth level of aligherian hell

Everything started so well.

I packed all of my best clothes in my pink steamer trunk, donated everything that was good enough to give away, tossed the rest. That was in February. I didn’t move until June. I was efficient. I was responsible. I was Marie Kondo.

Then it was the last week of May, and everything else I own lay exactly where it had been for the last two years, covered in dust and grime and in no way ready to pack, sell, or donate—although much of it was, and had long been, ready for the trash.

on anxiety; or, more accurately, the crushing weight of battling mental illness without health insurance

I have AD/HD, a condition I wasn’t diagnosed with until the age of 26. The diagnosis was not a surprise. It takes me upwards of ten minutes to tell a story, mostly due to the constant derailments into tangentially related side stories. When people ask where my mind is, I usually tell them, “It’s loud.”

In fact, the inside of my head is more than loud. It’s a multi-level Las Vegas nightclub populated entirely by Alaskan Kodiak brown bears, all of whom are doing lines of coke every second they’re not thunderously dancing to the most banal of EDM.

On being abandoned by my white boyfriend at the advent of a trump presidency

I never had any delusions we’d stay together, but I’ve written about that much before.

It’s not really about the breakup so much as it’s about race and sex in the current political climate (“Why does everything have to be about race?” Because, in the words of one Tiffany Pollard, it applies.)

I knew I wouldn’t find comfort in his arms when, on a 10 PM run to Buffalo Wild Wings, CNN’s breaking news banner at the bottom of the screen informed us in all caps that Trump had won Ohio.